Hi! My name is Erin.

I live in New York and Los Angeles but am happy to travel anywhere. 

I left pieces of my heart in Montana and Massachusetts, where I completed my studies at Rocky Mountain School of Photography and Northeastern University.

I love love, and make it a point to become enmeshed in the lives of everyone I photograph.

My photo work consists of Lifestyle (families, the home, yummy food spreads), Office (professional headshots and people looking cheery at work), Vérité (intimacy between couples and families), and Events (weddings, birthday parties and social gatherings).

I am warm and bubbly. 

I empower everyone I capture by reminding them how special they are. 

I am curious about everyone I meet. And ask too many questions.

I am always searching for the light - in people and in places.

I appreciate quirkiness, and people's innate ability to unapologetically be themselves. 

I am in love with people at every stage of their life. 

So let’s get to know each other, because we’re bound to have a great time!


- The love girl