This past weekend I was reminded that love comes in all forms. What started out as an ordinary Sunday turned into an extraordinary one, when a group of us came together for a read-through my dear friend Taurean hosted. He’s been spending the better part of 2015 writing a short film, and Sunday was the day we got to literally feel it come to life - everyone in character, reciting words he spent so many months meticulously choosing. 

I felt proud to document the process - the evolution and ultimate delivery of a dream. Each time the script was read, I could feel the energy of the group bolstering. Applauses grew louder, laughter grew harder, expressions became more pronounced. It almost felt like everyone showed up in their warmest winter gear, and left naked. It’s amazing how the power of time combined with open, kind and passionate people can create such an intimate and positive environment. 

The mission was to support one friend, but it shifted into supporting everyone. The day became an avenue for people to share a creative side of themselves that they don’t always get to share, and emphasized the importance of feeling apart of something, of feeling a sense of community. It was one of the first times I felt a sense of unity in a city that feels so disjointed.