I love when people are uninhibited, and I love when that realness translates into a daily ritual of some sort. I feel like it’s easy to go through the motions, ignoring the beauty of those precious in-between moments. The moments where you roll over only to find the person you love drooling on the pillow next to you. Or even the moments when you hear the sound of a snore, which at least lets you know that your partner is alive and safe. 

When I asked Kaitlin and Harris if I could capture them in this way, they agreed and allowed me to literally trespass into their home and creepily snap photos of them sleeping! Harris had Kaitlin in a tight embrace, arm warmly draped around her waste. It was such a sweet sight to witness. How often do you wake up fully spooning your loved one? I feel like I’ve become an opposite-side-of-the-bed kind of woman. Maybe that’s what being single will do to you. 

I think it’s hard to meet a couple with a truly solid foundation, but Harris and Kaitlin make it seem easy. They started off as friends, but we all know how rare it is for friends to remain platonic. So when Harris introduced me to Kaitlin as his “friend” in 2014, I grinned inside KNOWING that their friendship would be short-lived, and most likely evolve into something exceedingly more beautiful and intimate. When I asked what the real turning point was, Kaitlin told me they were at a party where she approached him and said, “I have to make sure this is pretty real because I could definitely love you.” Harris’ response: “Well I DO love you.” 

I think part of what carries them is this collective-growth mindset that they each wholeheartedly embody. They couldn’t wait to tell me about their newly installed reading lights next to their bed! I love that they are making a bigger effort to read with one another. I know I’m mushy, but it’s wild how the simple act of reading together translates into the simple act of eating green, of rising early, of keeping the apartment extra tidy - all lifestyle choices present in their relationship. The little things add up to become the big things, and when those big things align, that’s when the magic really happens. I’m very excited to see how the rest of their relationship unravels. If my predictions are correct, I'll hopefully be re-creating this shoot in the elderly stages of their life!